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zondag 11 april 2010

Joop van Egmond / Elisabeth von Eicken / Elf

Watercolour made in Holland at a place which
entirely has disappeared. This environement
has been built on lately and someone living there
bought this landscape. Work on paper.
Dimensions: 30 /40 cm.

Eisabeth von Eicken (1862 - 1940)

One of the more renowned painters in Germany.
Besides beautiful oil on canvas landscapes (e.g. winters)
she made several watercolors as well. Birch trees often
were her favorites. She did some immaculate works
in the Alfred Sisley style whom she admired a lot.
This picture has never been taken out of its' frame
I'm planning to replace the back and place a piece of 
acid-free paper behind this watercolor to prevent any 
damage in the near future and to be able to make 
better pictures of course.

Here her signature which is immediately recognizable. 
Elisabeth von Eicken participated in the Ahrenshoop Art
collective situated near the Baltic sea and her workshop 
now is a beautiful  residence where art still plays an 
important role. Work on paper. Dimensions: 38 / 57 cm.


Dated in the twentieths of the past century when
Art Deco was hot. Probably made for an illustration
or decoration we simply do not know. The skills of
the artist are obvious. Work on paper. 18 / 25 cm.

A sort of a signature but dated anyway.

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